Story Behind SaSTAT

In 2006 Manoj Patel secured MSc Statistics and started to find job in the pharmaceutical industries. But he was very disappointed after giving first interview because he couldn’t give a proper answer of interviewer’s question. He back to home and checked his course contents whatever he learnt during his college period. And then he realized that whatever he learnt in college and whatever interviewer asked him was totally different.

He realized that industry’s expectation is different than academia. And then in real terms he started to learn and rigorously tried to transform himself to fulfill industry‘s expectation and requirement in area of Statistics and SAS.

He gave interview multiple times to get job and finally he was selected in Zydus Research Centre as a Biostatistician after enormous struggle, and on that day the thought of SaSTAT was born. He decided that after taking practical knowledge he would give platform to new generation where they can learn and get all practical knowledge of Statistics and SAS in short time to boost their career. And hence fresher shouldn’t suffer or faced the challenges like he faced.

And then onwards he was on mission to fulfill the gap between academia and the industry by giving job and industry specific training. And journey had started and after completed 12 years, 9 months and 30 days, finally SaSTAT is ready to fulfill it’s core objective.