About Founder

Manoj D Patel is a Founder & CEO of SaSTAT.
An accomplished statistician with over 16 years of rich experience with all the phases of drug like discovery to post market surveillance like Pre-Clinical Trials (Pharmacology & Toxicology Trials), BA/BE Trials (Bioavailability & Bioequivalence Trials) and Core Clinical Trials (phases I – IV Trials) in the areas of Biostatistics and SAS Programming.

Involve in several presentations and representation at numerous biopharmaceutical and statistical meetings and seminars. Sound knowledge of different regulatory guidelines like USFDA, MHRA, ANVISA, WHO, Canada pertaining to GMP, GLP, GDP. Successfully faced USFDA, ANVIZA, EMEA audits and Regulatory queries.

Apart from his professional career and perspective, Manoj Patel is a very enthusiastic and creative personality. He is working as a motivational speaker and an Author. He is also passionate in writing and reading the books. He read more than 3000 books and he has also written and published 6 books.
Ultimately teaching, reading, writing and training is not his profession but it’s his passion.

You can check more details of his career path at below LinkedIn link or CV :