About SaSTAT

SaSTAT is not only one word, it's the combination of two great grooming field of the world and that are SAS and Statistics. SaSTAT is founded by great personalities who have rich experience of industries and who are passionate of teaching. SaSTAT is established with one goal and that is to give our golden touch of our rich experience and qualifications in SAS and Statistics field to give unlimited scope to fervent personalities...

We provide the most comprehensive SAS and Statistics expertise worldwide. Our technical expertise, tremendous team and faculties and advanced commercialization services all work together to move you through the development journey more smoothly and cost-effectively from beginning to end to achieve your dream.

Our Vision

To be the benchmark for SAS/Statistics training and consulting services in the world, recognized for the integrity of our people, the ethics of our business practices and the quality of our services.

Our Mission

Teaching SAS and Statistics is not our profession but it's our mission to give great combination (SAS/Statistics) personality to fulfil the requirement in respective field in the world.

Core Values

Integrity, Quality, Teamwork and Reliability