Our Testimonials

Aayushi Ladani

Hello Connections, These post is about one of our students Aayushi Ladani. Here is what she wants to say !!!!
Hello I am Aayushi ladani and I have pursuing my #M.ScStatistics and wanted to go in #Pharma Industry, but I was not having #experience / #knowledge about it😔
After joining in #SASTAT all of my concepts got cleared and in #addition I got chance to develop my #personality and hidden strengths😉
During my learning journey I never said I can't do it and started believing in myself😇
I am thankful to Manoj Patel sir for giving me proper guidance on career map as per my #requirement😬

Ashwini Maheshwari

I Ashwini Maheshwari did #ME #BioMed #Eng
Let's Hear my SAS Programmer Journey!!!
After My #graduation I started my working career as Associate biostatistician !!!
I #dedicated my 1 year in #Industry and found #something missing???
It's Job #satisfaction Level , Yes I was not happy with my work😐
I came to know about #SAS course and its #Handsome salary package, I meet Manoj Patel sir and decided to Join SaSTAT Organization.
The best thing I liked is the flexible learning module for working #professional so we don't need to #compromise our #job😉
So according to me this is the best #profile for girl as we get #70% work from home #opportunity!!!
So #Hurry up!!
Just once visit SaSTAT Organization and rest you will know😉

Khushali Thaker

Khushali Thaker, one of our #students, completed her #MSC #statistics and She was looking for any #courses that would help her improve more!
She soon found SaSTAT Organization #SAS to be the finest!
She has the #abilities to #accomplish anything she set her mind to.
She quickly got the #SAS #Base #Global #Certification before #completing each lesson #individually.
Let's find out what SaSTAT Organization gave him.
1. #Expertise in #7 #modules
2. #Self #assurance
3. #Real-#World #Experience
4. The option to study in #English, #Hindi, or #Gujarati
5.#weaknesses are turned into #Assets
6.#Practical #Exposure

Aarsh Bhalodi

Hello Connection,
#SAS #programming journey of our student Aarsh Patel who has done #MSC chemistry.

Hardik Jethaliya

#SAS #programming journey of our student Hardik Jethaliya who has done #PharmD.
After completed #PharmD, he was very confusing regarding next step, then after one of his friend suggested him for the #SAS and recommended join #SASTATOrganization.
Let's hear his story at #SaSTAT Organization

Kunal Nikam

Hello Connection,
#SAS #programming journey of our student Kunal Nikam from Maharashtra who has done #BPharm.

Devanshi Kadia

Myself Devanshi Kadia and I have done #MSc Statistics, SASTAT has totally changed my career🤗
First thing is that SaSTAT Organization is a all in one package where you not only learn but your #weakness and #strength also gets improves😇
All of your #stagefear, your #nervousness and other #drawbacks gets vanished, while learning if you face any issue Manoj Patel Sir is always there and just a phone call away😬
How to enter INDUSTRY , what profile to choose and how to get growth is also taught here, the most important is we also get #punishment if we don't know the answer which help to remember things till long term😛
At last SASTAT is best place for any #graduate to study👏

Janaki Patel

My name is Janaki Patel and recently completed MSC. Organic Chemistry.
I came in contact with Manoj Patel sir through one of my friend , then decided to join SaSTAT Organization.
Then I completed my SAS Base Global examination and in addition gained knowledge about other domains also.
According to me the main advantage of SaSTAT is the flexibility of time and language which we get only here cannot be found anywhere.
The teaching technique is awesome, Manoj Sir focuses on each and every student and work on their strength and weakness.
If anyone has dilemma remove it and join SaSTAT Organization.

Vipul Patel

Statistics is only one subject which comes in all stream Arts/ Commerce/ Science Career scope in multiple fields: Can work in multiple fields like
Pharma, clinical research, Market Research, Bank, Insurance field, etc...
High chance to work and settle in abroad
Highly Significant economical growth
People are earning lakhs per month within a short time
Work from #home option
Worldwide valid certification High chance to work and settle in abroad.
White collar job and no shifts morning shift , noon shift , night shifts
Part of upcoming #booming field Data Science😊
Get the job in MNC
Work at your time as per your mood
5 days a week work, etc.
Far better than Pharmacy, Engineering, M.Sc., MBA, MCA, etc. even MBBS folks doing this course

Mayank Prajapati

Hello Everyone,
I Mayank Prajapati have done BSc. Microbiology and today I am a Clinical SAS Programmer at CBCC Global Research….
Let’s know my journey!!!
My dilemma was that should I go for master degree or start job and while searching came to know about SAS course….
My first question to Manoj Patel Sir was that will I get Job!!!
Manoj Patel Sir answered that if 10+ years experienced profiles are getting Job then why not you… But still was not confident!!!!!
But while learning the modules I developed my Confidence and got a very friendly atmosphere which improved my communication skills, you can learn SAS in English/Hindi/Gujarati only here at SASTAT Organization.
*Everyone wants best so for SAS the only best Institute is SASTAT *

Dhruv Patel

This is a story of Dhruv Patel who wanted to reach top in his career!!!
“Kehte hain agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho … to poori kainath use tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai"
I was knowing about SAS from past 2 years but due to my graduation was going on I didn't went ahead for it...
Once I completed my graduation and googled for the best Institute for SAS in Ahmedabad, and that is when I came to know about SASTAT Organization and meet Manoj Patel Sir!!!
Manoj sir himself takes every lecture and provides training of each and every module on his own, I found everyone helpful and they provided a homely atmosphere..
If we have any doubt then Manoj sir himself solves every doubts and it was very proud to study with professional persons!!!!
I would highly recommend every Graduate don't wait and join SASTAT Organization and add wings to your career!!!!
****************SASTAT Sky of unlimited scope***********************
Success is not final
Failure is not fatal
It is the courage to continue
That counts!!!!!

Nishikant Pal2

This is a story of our student who wants to do great in his career.
His name is nishikant pal and he belongs to kota rajastan he had done B.pharma and started his career as medical representative Kota is an educational hub of India still when he do inquiry about SAS he fails to find any institute who can provide the best SAS training.
But as we all know “If there is will there is a way”and he had the will to complete all his dream Then he came to know about our institute so lets see what he wants to say about his journey in SASTAT.

Tejas Bagadiya

"This Story is about one of Our working Professor Tejash Bagadiya
Here is what He says!!!!
I am Tejash Bagadiya and was very fascinated by programming and coding..
I wanted to opt programming as career option but was knowing how should I do and from where to start??
My wife suggested to go for SAS Programming. Then decided to Join SaSTAT Organization
My decision of joining SaSTAT Organization proved me right and I scored 1000/1000 with guidance of Manoj Patel Sir.. It was a dream come true..
Everyone I highly recommend SASTAT for learning domain knowledge of SAS and Statistics...Manoj sir is true motivational Guru, true friend and good guardian
I was amazed to see the methodology to teach and by the personal connection of Manoj sir with each and every student.
The concepts are thought with linking them with Real life example
SASTAT has highly enriched culture and provide motivation to make today better than yesterday!!!
For learning SAS and Statistics then SASTAT Organization is your destination!!

Rajesh Prajapati

SaSTAT Organization a #roof for #Working #Professional
Let's hear it how Rajesh Prajapati transited his #14+ years of #working #life
It was very difficult to manage #Personal and #Professional life due to changes in #shift #timing, So I decided to transit my career with #SAS at No.1 Institute SaSTAT Organization.
I meet Manoj Patel sir and told him about my #situation, he very well understood it and created #flexible #timing for me as well as all the #working #professional to manage study without #compromising their Job.
Today I am proud to say that my #Base #Global #certification exam is cleared with 969/1000 marks and we also get real time exposure to work from 1st day of Job
#Would highly recommend SaSTAT Organization for all Working #professional and #students

Nilesh Patil

#SAS #programming journey of our student Nilesh Patil who has done #Msc #Chemistry.
After completed #Msc #Chemistry , he was very confusing regarding next step, then after one of his friend suggested him for the #SAS and recommended join #SASTATOrganization.

Radhesh Mistry

Today One of our student Radhesh Mistry is here to express his journey!!!!!!
I completed my Graduation and was knowing about SAS from very longtime!
Through a link I came to know about Manoj Patel sir and had a conversation with him, After my talk I was damn sure to learn SAS from SaSTAT Organization only.
There is lot of flexibility in timing and language. If any student has any weakness it will definitely get wiped out once you Join here!!!!
Even if you miss any lecture you will be able to get the learn the missed lecture back, Manoj Patel sir is the only person who will be able to teach you all modules with practical exposure also!!!!

Saurabh Gupta

Welcome to SASTAT Update!
Today Let's hear it from saurabh gupta
Many Asked me What if you fail??
I answered what if I fly high!!!!
Is it compulsory to be from Statistics or Pharma Background????
The answer is no!!!! I have done MBA in finance and worked for 2.5 in Apollo Munich Health Insurance(AMHI) thereafter decided to go ahead in analytical and technical department!!! I found through my research about SAS even came up with best institute SaSTAT Organization in Ahmedabad....
You know why I joined SaSTAT Organization?
1.Culture and the positivity which we get only here it makes us feel like second home
2.They have the lowest fee structure
3.Dream comes true over here of doing something different
4.Demo Lectures are available
5.Provide Handsome Salary Package with white collar job
I would just say The only Institute to provide training of SAS & STATISTICS
Thank you Manoj Patel and SASTAT Staff for been so supportive!!!!

Ankita Trivedi

We are back with a new update!!!
Imagine a #MScStatistics student in #Pharma Field!!!!
Let's hear it from her only!!!!!!
I completed my #MScStatistics in 2018 and wanted to go in #Pharma Industry, but I was not having #experience / #knowledge about it😔
My concepts of #Statistics were not clear and that's was the time I decided to join SaSTAT Organization😊
After joining in #SASTAT all of my concepts got cleared and in #addition I got chance to develop my #personality and hidden strengths😉
During my learning journey I never said I can't do it and started believing in myself😇
I am thankful to Manoj Patel sir for giving me proper guidance on career map as per my #requirement😬
I am very proud to share that I have got placed as #CDISC SAS Programmer in #VeedaClinicalResearch

Aniruddha More

SaSTAT Organization door open for all #Passionate #Students/ #Professional🤗
Today one of our Student #Aniruddha More from #Jalgaon, #Maharashtra is here to convey his #Journey😊..
I did #B #pharm and came to know about #SAS course so through friends guidance I decided to join #SASTAT😑...
I meet Manoj Patel who is having #16+ years of #experience in #Industry and I was too excited to get #Training as well as #knowledge from him😮...
We are given #knowledge as per the #Industry #requirement and even the #Hardest #things are taught with #real #time examples to make it easy for us to #understand.😬
The best thing is the #friendly #environment we get here helps to improve #communication #skills😉.
Manoj Patel sir focus to #convert #weakness of every #students into their #strength🙂..
We have #different #activities who helps to keep us #refreshing and #energetic😎

Pratap Choudhary

SaSTAT Organization a #Final #Destination towards #Placement!!!
Let's hear it from one of our Student pratap choudharyfrom Mount Abu🙂
After my #Bpharm #graduation I was in #dilemma of what next???Soon I came to know about #SASTAT #100% #placement #ratio,
There was 2 #questions in my mind :-
1. I was #afraid whether I would be able to communicate with everyone
2. Whether I would clear my #Global #Certification #Exam
All questions were #vanished and today proud to announce that I have cleared #SAS #Global #Certification Exam
We get #positive #atmosphere and #knowledge which makes us #Industry #Ready

Aakash Yadav

#SAS आणि सांख्यिकी प्रशिक्षणासाठी #SASTAT N0.1
Today's post is for the #candidate for whom #distance is a #barrier😐
Let's hear it from Akash Yadav one of our #B16 #Student 😬
Basically I am from #Maharashtra, It's been 2 months of #joining SASTAT and I never felt like a #outsider as the #atmosphere is got is what makes me feel like #second #home🏠
We get #practical #exposure with #modules made as per the Industry #requirement🤭
For all my #Marathi #friends #SASTAT मध्ये सामील व्हा आणि इंडस्ट्रीला सुरुवात करा

Akshay Achintalwar

Hello folks,
Let's know how we connected #Maharashtra to SaSTAT Organization!!!
I, #Akshay #Achintalwar , graduated and began my career as a #Sales #Executive at SUN PHARMA for #three years.
While working, I came to know about Clinical SAS from my friend, soon decided to join SaSTAT Organization.
I joined SaSTAT Organization a few months ago and soon achieved SAS Base Global Certification.
Things I like about SaSTAT Organization are:-
1.100% Placement #Success #Rate
2.Fees are #payable in #installments, rather than in advance as in other institutions.
3.#Concepts are taught unless and until it's clear
4.You are taught something new every day to prepare you for the industry.
5.A proper #roadmap is given for all the modules.
6.You are #transformed into a new #personality.

Bhushan Desale

Do you believe when I say a #Civil #Engineer transited to #SAS #Programming???
The answer will be big NO!!
To prove it, we have Bhushan Desale who did #Civil #Engineering .Yes he worked in #constructionindustry field and soon #realized it's not made for him🤔
SaSTAT Organization door are open for all #passionate #graduates and soon #Bhushan #became part of our #family!!
Best thing about SaSTAT Organization is:-
1.Get #Knowledge of #7 #modules
2.#Practical #Exposure
3.Learn in Hindi /English/Gujarati
4.#Instant #doubt #clearance
5.Focus on overall #personality #development (#self #confidence, #stage #fear, #communication, #interview #skills)
6.#Unique #concepts which are made as per the #industry #requirement
I joined 2 months ago and very proud that today I am #SAS #Base #Global #Certified and #damn sure that within very short #duration will get Placed also!!
If anyone needs #placement then join only and only SaSTAT Organization
जर कोणाला सास करायचा असेल तर फक्त आणि फक्त एकच सर्वोत्तम संस्था आहे ती म्हणजे SASTAT

Bhavanshi Pandya

#SAS #programming journey from #Commerce #Graduate
Can a BCom holder work in SAS?
Bhavanshi Pandya, who obtained her BCom and sought out a #booming #sector, is the source of the #solution.
Setting #priorities and #goals is necessary before starting anything. She #ontributed #everything she had because the #concepts were #unfamiliar to her and her #background was #different.
But she never looked back after joining SaSTAT Organization since she had Manoj Patel, an #expert #trainer , who helped her learn all the #concepts and #motivated her. Once her #concepts were clarified, she gained #confidence and #frequently helped #students with #backgrounds in #statistics by answering their questions.
She passed the SAS Base #Global #Certification #Exam today and …

Bhavesh Vaghela

#SAS #programming journey of our student Bhavesh Vaghela who has done #Msc Statistics.
After completed #Msc #Statistics , he was very confusing regarding next step, then after one of his friend suggested him for the #SAS and recommended join #SASTATOrganization.

Khushboo Nagar

Hello Connections, These post is about one of our students Khushboo Nagar who scored 990/1000.Here is what she wants to say !!!!
Hello I am Khushboo Nagar and I have done MSc. statistics and was confused about what to do next in career?? Then I came to know about SASTAT. So I am here to share my experience throughout my SAS Programmer journey...
Firstly the way Manoj Sir teaches us it becomes very easy to understand and there are no questions left behind!!
Second thing is we get friendly atmosphere and it feels like Second Home
Third thing all modules are very easy and very well designed
Plus in addition we get live exposure for practical knowledge as per Industry Requirement!!
There is much more to tell !!But at last I am very proud Statistician and will suggest everyone to have a Boom in your career like me!!
Thank you Manoj Sir and SASTAT Organization for bringing spark in my career and life!!

Dipali Bhatt

Hello Connections,
These post is about one of our students Dipali bhatt
Here is what she wants to say!!!!
Hello I am Dipali Bhatt and I have done M.sc Statistics and was finding an organization to learn SAS & Statistics. Then I came to know about SASTAT through a friend reference. So I am here to share my experience throughout my SAS Programmer journey...
Once I joined I came to know that SASTAT is the only place to get loaded with full knowledge of SAS & Statistics!!! The way Manoj Sir teaches is very easy to understand and gives live examples for better understanding. After coming here, I came to know about my hidden Potential and my confidence was too low at time I joined.
I was always saying that I cannot do this but Manoj Sir turned into you can and you will!! From the first day Manoj Sir was behind improving my weakness. Once sir would complete the lectures he would tell me to teach the same lecture again due to which my confidence level went up to next level!!
The most unbelievable thing for me is that within one month I got job even without SAS base exam certificate and because I came to know my strength and the ability which I was already having. For Guajarati people only Manoj Sir will be able to teach you in Gujarati /Hindi/English.
At last I would like to say Thank You Manoj Sir and SASTAT..For Learning SAS there is only One Best Place “SASTAT Organization”

Neha Patel

Hello Connections,
" It’s Never too late to be who you might have been "
Here is what she wants to say!!!!
Hello I am Neha Patel and I have done M.sc Statistics and after that I joined SASTAT Organization which provided me great Practical knowledge along with theoretical knowledge in my field.
The curriculum designed here is as per the Industry requirement and under the guidance of Manoj Patel Sir.
Manoj Patel himself is the trainer having 16+ years’ experience in this industry.
He also makes us do a lot of other activities which includes Group Discussion, presentation by students and gives motivational lectures which helps to boost our confidence a lot!!!!
Personally my practical and theoretical knowledge has increased after I joined SASTAT Organization.
My emerging personality has changed and now I am fully confident to enter a Corporate world with full knowledge loaded in myself!!
I would recommend everyone to join SASTAT Organization!!!

Megha Patel

Hello Connections,
"This story is about one of our working Mom who believed to do something different”
Here is what she wants to say!!!!
Hello I am @megha patel and I have done Bachelor in Engineering from Karnataka!!
After my Graduation I had done @SAS course from @SASTAT Organization and would love to share my experience
1. The Way Manoj Patel sir teaches is awesome and I love the way he supports us at our downtime.
2. For me it was easy to manage study and home just because SASTAT provides weekend batches so no need to daily go for regular classes (Time flexibility)
3. They have amazing work culture, learning skills
4. The surrounding we get helps to improve our communication power
5. We daily had 1hour interview preparation session in which we came to know about many new questions and also had technical section
Any one like me who believes to be different from the crowd I would recommend to Join SASTAT and it will surely build up your career to next level!!
I am a Mother and that’s My super power!! What’s your super power???

Nishita Jaiswal

A quick #journey of #Indore to #ahmedabad
I Nishita Jaiswal completed my #Bpharm & was in search of good courses!!!
As a #girl what do we #expect to get from course we #learn and from where we learn????
Let me tell🤨
1.A #safe and #secure #future
2.#Positive #atmosphere
3.#Work from #home #opportunity
4.#Expertise #Trainer
5.Flexibility to learn #English/ #Hindi/ #Gujarati
6.Get ready as per the #Industry #Requirement
The most important :- 100% #Placement #Ratio
You get all this under one #roof called "SaSTAT Organization"
Girl don't Miss this #opportunity and #book your #seat
“In #learning you will teach, and in #teaching you will learn.”

Gautam Vaghasiya

Work Hard in Silence
Let your Success be your Noise"
Here's Gautam Vaghasiya Bpharm Student!!!!
After Completion of Gradution I came to know about SaSTAT Organization
What I liked about SaSTAT is:-
1.The Friendly Atmosphere which feels like Second home
2.Modules are made as per the Industry Requirement
3.Director Manoj Patel is Trainer who has 16+ Years of Industrial Experience
4.Your Overall Personality is Developed
5.Your are loaded with knowledge= 1 Year Experience person
Most Important:-
SaSTAT Doors are open for Lifetime ,I am still coming and Revising even after getting Placement😇 And 100%Placement Ratio
Career ki kya chinta agar Manoj Sir saathe Ho!!!!